Graphic Designer | Marketing Manager
At Bradison Management Group, Yana coordinates graphic design, social media marketing and website development. After doing graphic design and marketing for nearly 5 years, Yana knows what positively drives any company's ROI, and it's not always the services that business offers, but its visual representation. Brand management and identity are the key factors in today's business world. Yana helps businesses develop their own unique brand identity in a way that it will reflect business' vision and mission statements as well as products and services.

As a professional, Yana's greatest strength is an ability to listen and understand client's desires and ideas. It's essential for her to develop a work that will satisfy not only the client, but also herself. Yana always tries to find an individual approach to each of her clients.

Yana holds a bachelor's degree from University of Alaska Anchorage in Journalism and Public Communication and minor in marketing. In 2019, Yana moved to Bay Area to broaden her horizons and currently working remotely for BMG.

Connect with Yana
Phone: 907-276-5707
E-mail: yana@bmgak.com